If you could go back to the beginning

(ChrisFrancz) #21

We need to try to make every day the kind of day we know we will look back on fondly. Easier said than done, but not impossible.

“When we glance over our shoulder we only choose to see the beautiful sunset but not the burned out cars, smoking buildings, and yellow police tape.”
-Chris Francz January 9, 2018

(Evan Landreneau) #22

4a looks a lot cooler than 1a. Yes, 1a looks cool too but I find that people have much more interest in 4a than in 1a.


Uh, tell me what they are… please?


I think he is talking about the general public, as in people will gawk at you more since it is so flashy and generally unheard of.


i would tell myself to not only buy yomega cotton strings for 1a

heck i didnt even know what 1a was back then


If I could go back in time and speak to myself that’s easy, I’d tell myself the winning lotto numbers, then use that money to take care of the living basics first, make lucrative investments so me and my family are set up for life. Then with my new found free time and money, start my own yo-yo company, promote contest, sponsor some players, pass the time learning new tricks, oh and own a motorcycle from every major manufacturer but that’s just me being selfish :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Maybe I can balance that out with traveling the nation on two wheels doing demos and handing out free throws, so yeah simple right?

({John15}) #27

How long have you been throwing, Jake?

(shubham) #28

Rewatch the videos. properly. concentrate and practice basics again and again.be consistent. and don’t regret of your mistakes/failures just learn from them.

(shubham) #29


Say ‘there are better yoyos to get other than the Sage’

(G2 Jake) #31

The second time around I think started in 2009/10 ish

(Evan Landreneau) #32

I’m talking about non-yoyoers


No that was to the OP


Quote the specific thing you are replying to if you want to be ultra clear.

(Sergio) #35

I would go back to the kid in middle school during the Yomega craze in the 90s and tell him to not give it up. That it’s a good thing that has many benefits. I picked it back up less than a year ago and I’m still not that good. I would probably be really good if I never gave it up.


If I could back to the beginning; I would tell myself, ‘Stupid; Don’t crack those Dinosaur eggs! Even if you think the Mother T-Rex isn’t close. Do I listen? I wouldn’t be limping today if I did’.


Doc I need you to take a quick look at these eggs


OMG…! That’s my Uncle Ernie in the middle!

He seriously needs to get out in the Sun more often🙀

(Spinworthy Glen) #39

If there is no past or future, you can never say you’ve suffered. You can’t even say ‘I’m suffering’ because any moment experienced now instantly enters the past upon its realisation. In fact if there is no past, that quote never happened because I’m not reading it now and I can’t say that I’ve read it if the past doesn’t exist.

(shubham) #40

yes whether you want to read or not its totally your choice.