If you could destroy one yoyo forever....

what i said (or typed) is kinda bias too (well i think it is)

I think I’ll keep my catch phrase “my highly bias opinon” on a diffrent note I would love to smash any YYF I’m just not digging that action I’m not shure why I don’t want one, but I pass them up when it comes to buying a new yo-yo. I just don’t like them.

P.S. I still want a Catch 22 HHHMMMM That makes me unballanced in my highly bias opinion LOLOL

I want your EKG Jeromy, i’m jealous ;). Now that I think of it I would break the hyperwarp heavy wing. i got at least 3 bruises from that piece of junk… anyone wanna buy a used slightly scratched HWHW pm me.



,,/ (-_-) ,,/

Yomega brain yoyo!!!

ProJam a.k.a. The Square

Darn it :frowning:

I dont think I would destroy it because it got me into yoyoing.

I would never destroy a yoyo. It’s better to mod a yoyo.

You can say that after you try modding a gamma brain wing.

duncan butterfly or the yomega brain

I think I speak for many when I say

Yomega _________ (fill in the blank)

I would destroy most yomegas but I like the instructional DVD. They call the leg wrap trap a behind the back trapeze and the 1 and a half mount a buddha mount tho…

The older BvM’s. I always wanted one when I tried it, but after using it some more, I just hated it.

I would destroy any Yomega yoyo.

i totally agree with you butterflys stink! they cant even sleep and my freinds hit me in the face twice!

any duncan acept FHZ

y would you destroy a yo-yo?

Clutch Yo-yo’s and Duncan Butterfly. I respect Imperials because they are a classic.

I also despise those lite-up yo-yo’s because everyone thinks just because it lights up then it’s a lot better.

Put two light-up yoyos in the hands of a pro looper in the dark and just enjoy the show.

Destroy every duncan except FHZ and imperial, and every yomega except fireball (my first descent 1a yoyo that got me into yoying)