If you could combine any 2 yoyos....


If you could combine any 2 yoyos to create your perfect yoyo, what would they be?

For example, my perfect yoyo would be:
MFD Ape-X + YYO Lava

The MFD Ape-X has the weight and yet the shape to cut through the air, increasing spin time. The Lava has the perfect curve to increase horizontal play. Both, also have GREAT weight distribution. :slight_smile:


Dietz and Shutter, mostly because I would like my shutter smaller and more H-shaped


Hatrick and prestige. I would love the prestige shape on a hatrick sized yoyo.


I would also choose the ape-x but I’d put it with the strum panzer stealth ogre.

Ape-x that would be a little wider with brass rims. That would be too sick!

-Side note- I’ve been really diggin this ape-x


YYJ Trinity + One Drop 54


Draupnir + Sleipnir

I’d definitely give a limb for something that has the feel of the Draupnir on the string while having the feel of the Sleipnir in the hand ;D


This. I couldn’t agree more.

The Draupnir is something special, but I still prefer the shape, look and feel in the hand of the Sleipnir. A weight ringed Sleipnir with the same “light feeling but stable and long spinning” properties of the Draupnir would pretty much be yoyo perfection as far as I’m concerned.

I was thinking about “Doomsday Genesis X Draupnir”, but since we already have the Genesis SS I guess my prayers were answered in that regard. I’m definately going to try and pick one up, so I’m keeping my ear to the ground for the second run.




Rev G and a duncan ribbon-Yo


I would have to say the puffin2 and the original arctic circle, such good throws


Draupnir and Irony JP