Yoyorecreation Triad?

Hello! I’m just wondering about the Yoyorecreation Triad. I already have a Blink and had the amazing opportunity to play with a Draupnir (amazing, completely dead smooth and can change direction at the slightest movement, and on top of that, one of the best yoyos for horizontals!). For Christmas, I was going to ask for a Triad, but I’m not absolutely sure about it. For you guys who want to reply, go ahead! Leave me any info or tips you can give me. Thanks!

People seem to like them fairly well. Just by looking at it, it seems to me like the cut-outs in the rims would cause some wind resistance. Of course I don’t know this for sure since I haven’t played one. Just an observation.

It’s not the dead smooth monster that the draupnir is. That said it/s an excellent performing yoyo and the weight distribution is awesome.

Every plastic has vibe though.

If you’re looking for a good demo of the Triad, here you go:

On a side note, the ring of my triad does not react to a magnet, so i don t know wat thei r made of anymore.
edit: lol im dumb γ-stainless isnt magnetic

Its a good yoyo, but I believe there are better options for the price. I was not thoroughly impressed with the yoyo from the start, especially for the price, it had some serious vibe (which I still cant fully tune), and the plastic hurt my hands… The strange cutouts seriously hurt when they hit your nail or the yoyo snaps back. The weight distribution is good, but the weight overall I find is a bit too heavy. Thats just my opinion but Id say you could find something else you know you like a lot more :slight_smile:

Fav. Yo-Yo: Shutter, Yeti ???

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Also, forgot to mention it, but I did and always will love the feel of a plastic, so if there are any better plastics than this one, PLEASE TELL ME!

triad does not feel like a plastic

I played one for a bit and I was impressed. It’s a really great performing plastic. I haven’t played a better plastic but I prefer the feel of delrin if I’m going to play with a plastic. If you enjoy plastics and aren’t big into grinding I think you’ll enjoy this yoyo.