A Yoyo Merge!


if you could put 2 yoyos in a machine, and the machine combined both of them together to make one throw that’s the best of both worlds, what would you combine?

I would love to see the Theory Titan3’d out. a Theory with Titanium Rings, Diamond patterning, the width of the Titian3, and the soft material on the finger inserts. that would be a dream come true.


Cascade and avalan- wait… Lol
Idk, supernova and summit, my two favorite yoyos :slight_smile:


Sleipner and Chief. 2 of the best of the best.


Superwide and hubstacked mighty flea. Body shape of the wide about the size of the flea maybe a little bigger with stacks of course



YYF should merge the One, with its AWESOME celcon plastic, and the ProtoStar with its AWESOME shape! I really think I got something here…in fact, they could call it the “OneStar”! What a cool name that would be! And what a great throw that would be! Wait a second, I think I’ve heard of something like this before…LOL.


YES. This yoyo would be awesome. The only problem is the price wouldn’t be so great anymore :(.


Sine//Saw and Scorpion King would be cool


If only it was that easy. When the design changes, usually the weight distribution goes out of whack also. So even if it’s a combination of two nice yoyos, the offspring might not be as good.


Titanium Diamondback would be cool.


Chief with a Majesty.

Smooth and stable yo-yo madness.


I wouldn’t mind a PSG fattened up with some Superwide genetics. Elongate the glass and turn it aluminum, maybe keep some of the gem stylings. raw/purple would look killer.


NSCo Helix and Model 10 :OOO


YES please!
GenYo x CLYW, aircraft grade, 10 ball, centre trac bearing.
4.6 mm string gap
Chief inner weight rings
Majesty pointy cone thingy in the centre of the yoyo, which could be unscrewed to vary the weight of the yoyo, with lighter and heavier versions available.


This is an interesting idea. I remember reading somewhere that if you blend people’s faces together, they become more attractive. So, if the profile of every yoyo was blended together… It would probably make some lumpy organic yoyo with bad weight placement, though…





Ti Walker x CLYW Chief = Ti Chief

Just like the Ti Walker was re-designed for the density and weight of the Ti; I would do the same for the Chief. Thin walls, and the inner-ring needn’t be so thick.


PSG with the theory could be interesting.


plastic theory?

(kclejeune) #19

Plastic theory=classic with grooves pretty much