If i made a gift exchange like this..


100+$ mint or near mint throws only?

Everyone gets high end?

Who would participate? FYI i have done a sucessful exchange before


No offense, but I wouldn’t, last one I was in didn’t go so well…


Having lots of exchanges takes the fun out of the Christmas exchange. Let’s only have them for special occasions.

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death to the bourgeois


You will hit some obstacles, I hate to say. It sounds good, but they should all be mint. I think a lot of people didn’t want to do the lottery because there was a “near mint” option. If you do it, it should be all mint, otherwise people will be turned off. They won’t want to trade a mint throw for a “near mint.” Not everyone agrees on “near mint” status, so some won’t like that option. I ran up against that obstacle last time.

What will you use for a feedback requirement? Some people are turned off by low feedback counts. I admit that I’m one of them. I’m not tired of exchanges though, because I always have something that can be exchanged. But, I think a lot of people have their collections down to the bare bones now. They may still be dry at Christmas at this rate. It doesn’t look so good.

Another obstacle is that some people have been burned in past exchanges, the Xmas one included, so even if it did not happen to some people, they will refrain from participation based on knowing what happened.

I like group trades, if the feedback is reliable, and it has good rules that are strictly enforced. I think $100 yo-yo is expensive for a group trade…so for me, the feedback has to be high. At least 25 for me personally.


Well you shouldnt host another if your first isnt even done. Yeah still waiting


I’d participate… Yea, some people do prefer just mint so you might want to go with that. But there’s people like me, that gets a yoyo to play it, not really to keep on a shelf or case to collect. And when I play a yoyo, it’s going to at least get a flatspot within a week or 2 of play no matter how careful. And if I haven’t had it that long, I wouldn’t want to trade it unless I’m sure I hate, which hasn’t happened yet with a $100+ throw :stuck_out_tongue:


I would probably do it, but I don’t have any mint $100+ throws. I was VERY disappointed with the last Gift Exchange though, what I got was in no way worth $30.


What I got was unusable lol


Yeah. I got a $18 kendama, a probably 48mm diameter imperial shaped wooden yoyo with a 4mm gap and a monkey on it, some Hi-Chew and like a sticker or something.


I’m out I have no “high end throws” my only thing close to a high end throw is my torrent 2.


it would be cool if someone did a $80 plus beat yoyo exchange. but the throws would have to be usable and not vibe too much. make one of those and i will participate. maybe set the minimum feedback at 10 or 15… so i can be in :wink:


I think everyone here considers the Torrent 2 high end, but I wouldn’t trade one if I had one because it’s such a great throw!


hey yoyospirit did u ever get ur yoyos fixed?


yeah I don’t want to no matter what for starters it was my first competition given to me free. So I am not giving it away easily.


Decided it wasn’t really worth it lol. Anyone want A La Mode halves?

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If I didn’t have the feedback required could I send my part to the organizer so he knows I’m all truth?
Then he could send it to the person.


No it ruins the fun of exchanges around Christmas. But if you do this it should be $100+ plus for mint and $110-115+for near mint.


OH OH! Pick me! Pick me!