5+ Feedback Gift Exchange!

Hey guys I am going to set up a 5+ Feedback Gift Exchange.

  1. It has to be at least worth 30$ Retail.
  2. Must ship before June 8th.
  3. Have a great Time!
  4. Must not be beat or have vibe.

Ok so there are ten spots including myself so join and PM me your addresses.

  1. Link45116

Ok this one to many gift exchanges this is just going to ruin it when Christmas comes around :frowning:

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Yeah with like 3 this month no Thankyou

The Christmas exchange should be the only exchange in my opinion.

I kind of smiled when I saw it actually :slight_smile: No rule against it either. But, I do think we should call them something else. It’s like being involved in a group trade. I wonder what we should call them though. Maybe…group trade, mass exchange, mystery trade…I’m not sure. Group trades are fun.

I’m thinking of organizing one with the following rules in the future. I’ll call it “25+ yo-yo lotto:” :smiley:

We will get 20 people to put up a yo-yo with a specified value and required condition. They will reveal the yo-yo they are entering in the trade. Everyone will commit to giving away a specific throw. A list of available yo-yos will be created for the master list. Each person will enter a lottery (held on webcam for anyone who wants to watch in real time to verify it’s legit). Each person will be assigned a number from 1 to 20. The person who pulls #1, selects the yo-yo they want most from the master list. Then, #2 picks and so on, until the list is exhausted. Whoever pulls 20 gets the last throw on the list. Everyone else has options. But, even for #20, they may luck out and want that last throw. Contact will be made with the owner of the yo-yo and the shipping address of the recipient provided to them. We would have a thread set up to keep track of selections, and people will post in order of their lottery number. I haven’t worked out the details, but that’s the idea.

These things will evolve when people give it a new name and change the rules.

yeah, i think my exchange pushed it enough. This is like the same as apollo2’s exchange. The rules are also too simple, people can find loopholes.

Na, will ruin the others, I don’t even have 5+ anyways :P…