Ideas Getting Put Into Action

I see alot of posts on Yye site improvements and so far I haven’t seen one idea suggested here put into action(I’ve only been on forums for a year, so forgive me if some ideas have actually been put into action)

I apologize if there is a thread like this one already.

JohnnyJ made one, but thanks for reviveing the idea!

uuuum… maybe because YYE is perfect and they don’t need to improve…

I don’t know if YoYoExpert is “perfect”, but it is one of the finest websites I am aware of with a social forum such as we have here. I was visiting with a gentleman about six weeks ago who I suppose would be considered an online yo-yo competitor and I just went ahead and mentioned my appreciation for YoYoExpert. (I had too, the YYE logo was right on my case I had brought into his store.) The smile faded from his face as he confessed; “I just can’t compete with André, that website is just too well managed and popular.” It’s very easy to be critical and claim things are too slow too change I suppose, but I believe it’s pretty outstanding around here just the way things are.

I know some things are in the works for the near future to further polish the YYE apple. Let’s be patient and not overly confident our voices have not been heard, because I know that they have been.

Well, I agree they have been heard. Can I hear one thing that has improved this year?(other than the shop tab where Andre organized the yyj section, added a new release, and winter giveaway)

What specifically do you see as broken and in need of repair yopro158? With what are you so dissatisfied?


I don’t think anything on YYE is necessarily broken per say, but just could be improved, hence "YYE Site Improvements" I think there’s ways the B/S/T could be improved, i think that the tricks section could be improved, and i also think they’re other things that could use Improvement. I don’t know if anyone wants to here my thoughts on this, so i will just keep it at that.

I am not disagreeing with the idea that improvements could be made. It is very easy to sit in the bleacher seats and grumble about how the B/S/T could be better, the tricks section could be better, so on and so forth. A far more difficult task it is to develop contingencies laying out where the areas of weakness are and how to implement the procedures to bring about the improvements. How to manage the existing budget to finance the execution and administration of the changes in format. What I am suggesting is not only sighting where you think things need refinement, but an outlined plan of how your recommended changes would appear and how they would be executed effectively.

JohnnyJ, I believe you can understand how statements such as, “I don’t know if anyone wants to hear my thoughts on this, so I will just keep it at that.” are not truly helpful and discouraging to those who are reading your comments for insight into your perspectives. Again, it’s one thing to sit in the bleachers and bellyache about how the game is going. It’s another matter altogether to step on to the field and hit a high fly ball to deep center. My request is to endeavor to be a team player and not a just caviling detractor in the stands.

I’m not wishing to pick on anyone here, particularly a friend such as JohnnyJ. I am just suggesting it will be more productive towards improvement by being more specific and proactive in our remarks on areas we find needs renovation.

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For one the security needs more improvement, as my cousin has hacked me before to ask for freebies (which got moved of coarse). The BST needs some MAJOR upgrades. They should have certain rules so people don’t give fake feedback. They should do something to scammers (put something on their profile name). And there could be a lot of improvements on the app (which I am using right now), I have never in my one year of using this app, seen an update(there could be a chat section on this, a mobile shopping tab, quick check out, customize your profile right from your phone, iPod, iPad. And it should be available to other phones, why just give the apple users the pleasure of having this app?

I have many more things that can improve, I can tell you more if you would like to hear.

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Most instances of being “hacked” (even in true international espionage and electronic warfare!) involve a person sitting at a machine the user is still logged into. If you close a YYE tab and re-open it later, you will still be signed in.

So being “hacked” could be as simple as someone sitting down at one of your computers (or at his computer if you ever used it to sign in!), and using your account. In bad cases, they change your profile and have a new password sent to themselves.

There’s not much YYE or any other site should typically do to improve this kind of “security breach”; it’s not that it’s impossible, it’s that it creates roadblocks that would hinder how fluidly we use the site. The benefits of this method of web sessions and cookies outweighs the negatives, but it DOES leave the end user responsible for signing out properly (ie. not just closing a tab) in order to clear their session and cookies.

Sorry, I know that’s a derailment.

If you can think of another way that the site’s security would allow a malicious party to use a computer that has never been signed into YYE to access user accounts without knowing the password, I’d be curious to hear it. On second thought, if there IS a way, probably better to not publish it. But I’m skeptical that your cousin did anything other than seize an opportunity, which is what most “hacking” really is.

I would have to agree with this. Nothing is broken, but many things could be improved. There’s some stuff that absolutely just has to get done. The first is the BST. There needs to be a post minimum, and they need to be registered for a certain amount of time. I think the 30 posts/30 days is completely fair. This absolutely HAS to be implemented. Some stuff like this can be simply be done, but it just doesn’t happen. I hate to complain, I hate to be that kid, but I also hate seeing people get scammed. I’m not that big of a complainer nor a negative ninny but I think something should really be done about the BST situation.

Short of having you enter your password for every post you make, there’s nothing we can do about things that someone sitting at your computer in your house does in your name. Log out and clear your cookies/cache when you are done, and don’t save your password in your browser

Such as? Please delineate.

Please suggest how we do that. We have no way of knowing if it’s fake unless someone can report it and cite evidence.

The feedback section in a users profile is already there, as is the feedback topic section. All od that is entirely dependent on you, the user to make entries. For egregious offenses in this area we ban the account.

Please do…

Agreed. This is currently being debated among the executive staff.

So, there your are - 3 items fixed or addressed already. :wink: