some of the improvements actually getting set into motion?


Every single YYE site improvements either is a bad idea, and gets disregarded, or a good idea, but gets with answered with the same ol’, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”. Well this is YYE site IMPROVEMENTS People. So, maybe some should get considered now with that being said.


From my recollection some of the suggestions have been incorporated. Apparently your’s didn’t make the cut…

Keep in mind that the store and the forum run on commercially available software developed and maintained by a third party. Andre can’t just throw in a new feature over his lunch hour based on some comments here. Many of the suggestions I’ve seen here appear to require either customization of the existing platform or a change of software packages, neither of which are free, or easily put in place.


Mine didn’t make the cut? I’ve suggested like one 3 things, one of there was a bad idea, the other two i was suggesting features that we had before, and someone’s actions got them taken away, so none were the good idea’s that i was saying got killed with the if it aint broke don’t fix it deal. I’m not talking about my ideas, I’m talking about all of the idea’s I’ve seen. But I’ve only been here for 9 months, so maybe i haven’t been around long enough to see the one’s that happened?


I’ve been here for a full year and haven’t seen one improvement since other that the Ben Conde 4A section


same with me.

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Like you said, someone’s actions got them taken away. Features aren’t just removed for the fun of it. If somebody’s (more like several people’s) actions had them taken away, there is evidence to suggest that should the feature be put back the same people, (or newer users similar to said people), would just abuse the feature again.


I wasn’t saying the should be put back.

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Sorry, my mistake - I didn’t read your post properly.


They do get set into motion, bad one’s don’t or those that were taken away. Sometimes it takes time.

Andre’s a busy guy. :wink:


It’s all good dude :slight_smile: