Thoughts on new front page.

Thought I would throw up a thread so we can start giving a review of the nice improvements on the front page! :smiley:

My personal thoughts.
Very nice look and neat improvement.
personally I am missing one part that seems to no longer be there…
and that is the ability to scroll through the list on yoyo names after going on the manufacture.
I don’t know if they are planing on adding it back in cause that would be nice!
also some of the front page adds are lacking click ability to take then to the advertised product.
So I think awesome job yoyoexpert!!! can’t wait to see the forums get the remake! :smiley:

I think it looks a lot cleaner. It does seem a little more compressed than it was (which isn’t a bad thing) And i would really like to see the forums redone also. That would be my biggest suggest, to style up the forums :smiley:

Great job tho

Regarding the forums… there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken.

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Regarding everything else in life, you cant improve without change… ::slight_smile:

Looks good! ;D