YOYOEXPERT.COM Down For Maintenance! See you Soon!


The store may be down for a few hours this afternoon, nothing to worry about. EVERYBODY REMAIN CALM!


Crying already :’(

See you soon! :slight_smile:


entertainment while you wait…


So dope




looks amazing!


Love the new look!


I love the new look, but it’s really hard to use on a tablet mainly the menu system - shouldn’t ever require a side scroll to see menu items.

(yoyobro!) #9

Wow! Very, very nice!


Man the new site is aaaaaaawesome! Well done!!!

(André Boulay) #11

Hmm - will check this out!

What do you mean by ‘side scroll’? Which type of tablet are you on?

This is somewhat of a ‘soft’ launch you will notice as we are working on the forum/blog update currently - and fixing any random glitches as they come up. :slight_smile:


Really like the whole mobile friendly approach, something that’s been much needed for a while (not to mention, Google dings websites as far as ranks go if it’s not mobile friendly). Looks a lot cleaner now too, shop is tons better and easier to find what you’re after or to explore different yoyos you might want to try out.


I don’t know anything about the improvement on mobile, but I think the new site is a success so far. It might be nice to see some different wallpapers in the future, because I did enjoy the character that gave the former site which you don’t get now with a crisp white background.

The review section was something I didn’t notice at first. I’m glad this was incorporated into the layout of the new site and I plan to add reviews to it.


You guys have done an amazing job!! Like really amazing. I love the new look of the website. Keep up the hard work. Everyone at yoyoexpert is amazing.

(André Boulay) #15

Yeah. This is very much just the beginning - we have a lot of improvements I am very excited about!!! Thanks for all the nice words guys. I appreciate it.


I’m on an iPad Air 2, using stock Safari in portrait mode - I’ll take some screenshots and email them to you to show what I mean about the side scroll, it’s hard to explain. It looks really good though, the store has needed a facelift for a while and you really killed it!

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I’m asking this mainly to learn, so don’t take this as an attack.

I would think it would be easier to use on a tablet, since it seems to be made to accommodate mobile users, layout-wise at least.

I’m not really sure what you mean by side scroll either. I’m on my phone, so I can’t really explore it now. I realize that phones are different from tablets, but I feel like no complaint would be specific to tablets.

Not to pick on you, but you’re not really helping improve the site, because you are too vague (well, maybe you’re not, cuz what do I know, but it seems that way to me).

I’m not in any way trying to start an argument, so give me a little grace on my wording :slight_smile:

Edit: wow. I’ll just leave it the way it is, but as soon as i posted this, I realized I hadn’t read the whole thread. Silly silly me.


I’m actually in the process on reworking the company website for my work doing similar to what YYE did, making the site “responsive” (not yoyo responsive-ness mind you) meaning that the site adjusts to what your screen size is. It’s tricky trying to accomodate all the screen sizes as weird things sometimes happen when your resolution happens to be within a certain range, let alone when everything looks A-OK on 3 different browsers and then you go to take it to a 4th browser and everything’s a mess (formatting, how everything “fits” on screen…

…the life of a web designer… :slight_smile:

So far everything has looked ok on my phone, I’m using an LG V10 so the screen is slightly larger than let’s say, an iPhone. I’ll charge up my tablet today and check it out on there (Android based) and give any feedback if I see anything odd or if everything looks fine.


I think I’ve figured out what my main issue is - the top “fly out” menu doesn’t work well with touch devices (at least not in my iPhone or iPad) as you can’t make the menu fly out without tapping, which causing it to reload the page - example :

If I want to view One Drop, on a desktop browser I put my mouse over Brands, then Shop All Brands, then Brands I-O and finally click on One Drop Design Yo-Yos. On a tablet, as soon as I touch the Brands menu item the menu closes and the Brands page loads. There’s no way to deep-drill the menu - I understand that the Brands page has all of the brands on it and you can just scroll through the list, but the existence of a fly out menu that doesn’t actually work would be confusing for a tablet user.

I can’t seem to replicate my side-scroll issue from yesterday but I’ll keep looking to see what I did to cause it and let you know.


Congratulations on the new site launch. It will take some getting used to, but nice to see it getting optimized for desktop and mobile devices.

Consider improving the sorting/filtering results either before or after the search query. For example, I would like to be able to filter by some of the following variables:

-Responsive vs unresponsive yos
-Bearing vs. fixed axle vs. transaxle
-Bearing sizes
-Diameter ranges in mm
-Weight ranges in grams
-1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 5a
-Stock level (for example, show me yos with two or less in stock)
-Sale items only
-Color (overall, generally; not colorway names)
-String types
-Country of origin
-Material (wood, aluminum, plastic, titanium, bi, tri, and so on)
-Response type
… and so on

Also, consider maintaining an archive of out-of-stock product for future reference (would appeal to collectors).

LOTS of great product on this site! Thank you for all the work that is put into it and the multiple services it provides to players young, old, and new… and to us ridiculous collectors.