Ideal String Length for Offstring 4A

Is there an ideal string length for offstring yoyoing?

Like for 1A, the recommended string length is from the waist.

THANKS to everyone who replied in advance!

I rand to use alll styles so the string is just above my bell button. Same for 5a but longer so the counterweight is there since it takes some of the string up.

I use a little bit shorter string then I use for 1A. My 1A string is pretty long.

I do find that the 100% poly seems a bit better to me for offstring. I just gor 3 new off-strings in today(Go Big, Griffin Wing, Hayabusa) and the Duncan of course comes with cotton. It’s really not due to the bounce, but more of the friction when thrown. I find I can get the yoyo spinning a LOT faster when I use 100% poly. As far as string length, I’m currently find with default length. Still working on perfecting that bind. Getting better every day

the ideal string length is what you feel comfortable using.
but generally for everything outside of 2a, bellybutton height is good. When starting out with 3a I’ve heard people recommend making the string a few inches shorter, but it’s all personal preference, as is just about everything when it comes to yoyoing.

I like shorter string alot faster and more control

Everyone is going to have a different opinion so just try a little of everything all different types and lengths and see what is best for you.

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I tend to like mine about an inch longer

taller than your belly button

This :slight_smile:

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i prefer my string slightly longer actually. it allows more string on the yoyo meaning the yoyo will get more spin.

from your thumb to your pinkey finger

I’d like to know what people like to use for ONstring 4A.

Nice call there bro.

For the length of 4a it is just personal preference, I like them the way you get them.

Like some people said, it is all about preferences. But I just find that waist length is too short for all kind of A’s. In fact, my 2A is barely shorter than waist length. I think Belly button is a good start. Always use something memorable, like your belly button, waist, knee (2A? I guess…) Makes it easier. Unless you are hitting puberty, then I suggest using some other landmark, like a desk height or something.