Hello ladies gentleman and other I have a idea. The first thing I would like to say is sorry if this idea has already been done. If it has please tell me. I’ll pm a mod and have him delete the thread of ill just let it fall into the sea of new post. Now for the idea.

It seems as if we all love the side effect system, and alit of people like hub stacks. Both open up new possibilities whether it be for play or tricks. So why not chime the two. I’m honestly not sure how to do it but I think it would be cool. Again sorry if this has already been done. Bye



(M.DeV1) #3

RSM’s (Rotating side members) were out for a while but yoyofactory told them not to make them anymore due to the patent on hubstacks.


Not to trash your idea but RSM (rotating side members) I believe is what it stands for. Still a great idea just been done.


Thanks guys I didn’t know I just wish it wasn’t impossible to find rsm’s