I just had a crazy idea.

I just had this crazy idea to hubstack any and all one drops that utilize the side effect system. If anyone was skilled enough and knew the dimensions of the base of a side effect, they could come up with a design for a side effect that essentially would be metal post that would allow hubstacks to be added.
But then you would have to get very accurate measurements to prevent vibe and whatnot and you would also have to find a place to get the aluminum cut.
Just a crazy thought, but do you guys think this idea could potentially work? or would it just be easier to use a longer axle…

One drop has already made hubstack side effects. They are called rotary side members. They are just rare so not a lot of people know about them.

After you said that I literally went on google and tried to search for it. The search results came back with this thread as the number one hit… lol

But thanks for the info and I’ll now be on the lookout for these “legendary side effects”.

I’d say the reason you might not see OD doing this regularly it is that it’s cost prohibitive. After the initial cost of a side effect and the R&D, then the extra tooling, the time you’re not spending doing other profitable machine work, 2 extra bearings, and whatever tips you choose…you’d probably need to charge at least 25 or 30 dollars a set to turn a profit at a realistic sales volume for a smaller company like One Drop. And that’s assuming you could sell enough to make it worth your time at all. A lot of people are going to be interested in side effects, but only a fraction would really be into hubstacks, and only a fraction of those at that kind of price.

just a correction, rotating side members, not rotary. that should get you some more hits on google.
they were also known as rsms.

I’ve seen a set of them sell on the bst for I think around $30?

I knew something looked wrong with my post…
Sorry for the misinformation.