ID These YYF's

I’m not sure if this is the correct forum so please move if necessary.

Pretty sure the raw one is just a (7075?) Super G with rings added but not sure what this Russia Open one is.

Anyone able to verify? :slight_smile:

The black one looks an awful lot like the old YYF 44. But I’ve never actually seen one in person. The pics look similar though. The rims look wider on the 44, though, so I’m probably wrong.

i could have answered this!

Yes, a prototype unreleased SS rim super G and a lazer sample 44.

that super g is so pretty… i want it…

All right! I was correct! It was bound to happen once in my lifetime. :wink:


Woot, thanks Ben!

I think I figured out the other stuff, and was just stumped on the 44 but love em!

Talk about a seriously rare bimetal. Bet collectors would kill for that

It’s in the plans. ;D ;D ;D ;D

So should I polish this sucker to get the scratches off or just leave it as is?