Bare aluminum yoyos?


Hey guys I’m thinking of satining my yyf genesis all around it to get to the bare metal. D u guys like the look of the bare metal? I like the way it came out on the rims of my 888x, but I’m not sure how it would look on an entire yoyo. Since my genesis already has a few dings and scratches, it’s perfect for the experiment. Plus I might end up with an awesome looking yoyo. Have any of you done this to a yoyo with a similar shape as the genesis? Should I do it?

(M.DeV1) #2

i did it to my grey G5 and well theres not much of a difference


I’ve got 3 or 4 dif-e-yos that are bare aluminum, yeah, they look just fine that way.

(Edmeister) #4

If your gonna be the owner of it and dont mind keeping it go for it.
Theirs not much difference plus if it gets hairline scratches you can polish it up ;D


What do you mean theres not much of a difference? Im pretty sure it dosent look the same when its satined. Do you mean for grinds? I know the grit and texture it will come out to. My only concern is the looks ;D

(M.DeV1) #6

well it plays the same but i didnt use very high grit paper and it was grey to start with. so its sill kinda grey. not much change in color.


Well then i see ur point. My genesis is half black half pink, but they both look dull. I think the chrome will look good on it. The more i think about it the more i wanna do it. Its gonna be hard getting into all those little corners though.

(M.DeV1) #8

yea i had a tough time getting that sharp turn in the G5 has. i still dontthinki got all of it.


Yeah. My g5 is brand new and i dont even wanna take off the stacks let alone satin it. My genesis is pretty beat up though. Im definetly satining it tomorro after school. My dad keeps saying im ruining a perfectly good yoyo, but i know im right.

(Edmeister) #10

Ive played with a Satined Genesis before.
And i own alot of Genesis’s
What im saying is the play is not different.
The look is different but who cares?
It plays the same plus satining just removes the damage.
However satined B/S/T stuff dosent go for as much as you would think as a mint so yeah.


Im not gonna sell it. Even if i completely ding it up to the point it dosent spin, i would rather put it in a glass display case in my room than to sell it. Why is everybody so hung up on selling yoyos? People treat yoyos as children. Do you sell your children? Point made, thank you very much.


Some people just look at yoyos as something to play and flip. No big deal. I’m not a seller type, I’m a collector/player type.

The way I see it, I like the look of bare/raw/polished metal. Silver is one of my favorite colors. I have a sterling silver necklace, my wedding band is platinum(as is my wife’s setting, her’s is platinum as well, I designed them). However, I can’t imagine how many of my metal throws would look without being anodized because that’s how they came. My 2nd Run peak is polished. My Werrd TFL Delorean 88 is I think satined, and my Corli Prototype is all nice and shiny. I think the Mighty Flea is raw. I love the metal rims on my DM2, which was part of what attracted me to it in the first place. Everything else is either anodized or plastic.

I’ve also seen some people here strip the anodizing and/or paint off and they look good, well in my opinion anyways. If you’re doing this for you, who cares what others thing. For me, I buy with the intent of keeping looking factory as much as possible whenever possible, but that’s how I handle things.

If you’re going to strip it down, you have loads of choices of finishes. You can mirror is, which can look sweet. You can satin it, which is more of a grey appearance and not shiny. You can give it a regular polish, which while isn’t mirror, is still nice and shiny. You can go have it blasted for a grind-friendly texture. I think you can combine some of the ideas as well, such as polishing a satin finish or beadblast just to make it overall nicer looking, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone tells me that might not be a good idea.

I like the look of bare metal. Well, maybe some polishing, but yeah, bare metal is nice.


Thanks for the input. Im gonna satin it with 220 grit sandpaper to get rid of the anno. Ill re sand it with 400 grit to get it smooth for good grinds, then use a rubbing compound on it like how i did to the rims on my 888x. It comes out to nearly a mirror finish while still allowing for decent grinds. the more i think about it the more i wanna run downstairs to the garage and do it. By the way, its not like im buying it just to change the finish of it. Ive had it for months, and its got lots of scratches and dings. Plus, the colors seem more and more dull. I too like the look of my dif e yo barebones, and my newly satined 888x.