(Jei Cheetah) #1

Nationals 2013, watch out, you’re gonna get iced.

That is all




(M.DeV1) #3

It’s like a drinking game or something.



Is this
(A) really appropriate
(B) necessary

(Jei Cheetah) #6

and yes


I don’t get it. I really, really, don’t get it.



Me and my buddies would Ice each other back in college.

Here is how it works:

If someone hands you a bottle of Smirnoff Ice at any time, you have to take a knee and drink the entire bottle on the spot.

Due to its low alcohol content and gross, overly sweet flavor, it is a great prank.


Ok, but still for a family forum board. My little brother wants to get on here and I don’t want him to see this. People taking drinking so lightly, and then the dance at the end. :frowning:


I hear ya, and agree. I was just trying to clarify what “Icing” somebody meant. The rules of engagement were never clarified in the video… lol.

(Jei Cheetah) #12

Right on the money.
And yes, Nationals, this will happen.
(To those able to participate of course)



But… The LOLZ…


I find 0 lolz in this. Hate to be the party-pooper.


Don’t take life so seriously man, I mean you’ve got only one to live!


Guys I don’t want to argue, I simply don’t think this is the place to be posting videos of people doing this sort of thing. I believe the rules say don’t post something you wouldn’t want your little sister to see, and this is something I don’t want my little brother to see.
Taking life seriously or not is a whole other matter. And I could rant about it for a long time, but won’t.

(Jei Cheetah) #18

I think it would be fun to do a all ages version of this with monster energy, mwuahaha, hyper kids running around the hotel.



NOW, you’re talkin. That sounds much more fam. friendly.

(M.DeV1) #20

You are about to make a bunch of parents very upset at contests!