Nationals 2013, watch out, you’re gonna get iced.

That is all



It’s like a drinking game or something.

Is this
(A) really appropriate
(B) necessary

and yes

I don’t get it. I really, really, don’t get it.

Me and my buddies would Ice each other back in college.

Here is how it works:

If someone hands you a bottle of Smirnoff Ice at any time, you have to take a knee and drink the entire bottle on the spot.

Due to its low alcohol content and gross, overly sweet flavor, it is a great prank.

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Ok, but still for a family forum board. My little brother wants to get on here and I don’t want him to see this. People taking drinking so lightly, and then the dance at the end. :frowning:

I hear ya, and agree. I was just trying to clarify what “Icing” somebody meant. The rules of engagement were never clarified in the video… lol.

Right on the money.
And yes, Nationals, this will happen.
(To those able to participate of course)

But… The LOLZ…

I find 0 lolz in this. Hate to be the party-pooper.

Don’t take life so seriously man, I mean you’ve got only one to live!

Guys I don’t want to argue, I simply don’t think this is the place to be posting videos of people doing this sort of thing. I believe the rules say don’t post something you wouldn’t want your little sister to see, and this is something I don’t want my little brother to see.
Taking life seriously or not is a whole other matter. And I could rant about it for a long time, but won’t.

I think it would be fun to do a all ages version of this with monster energy, mwuahaha, hyper kids running around the hotel.


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NOW, you’re talkin. That sounds much more fam. friendly.

You are about to make a bunch of parents very upset at contests!