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This may be random ,but the holidays are coming fast ,and I’m quick to buy a half gallon of one my favorite holiday drinks.Anybody else have a guilty pleasure snack for the holidays?


Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines, Iowa has the best eggnog I’ve ever found. They used to even have Eggnog Ice Cream for the holidays, but that’s not available anymore.

Yeah, I like it too.
(And I’m lactose intolerant.)

I don’t like lactose and I’m simply NOT going to put up with it!


Same we always get hoffmans ice cream it’s a local ice cream shop they make it homemade. they have so many seasonal like for October and November pumpkin pie ice cream! december they have the best peppermint ice cream!

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That sounds divine ,but I’d just swing by walmart and get some chocolate eggnog. :smiley:


Chocolate Eggnog? I don’t know about that. Doesn’t the chocolate smother out the eggnog flavor?

What next? Chocolate French Toast with Hershey’s Syrup rather than Maple Syrup. Chocolate Scrambled Eggs? Chocolate Fried Chicken? Chocolate mashed potatoes? Where will it end?


Well banjo they already have chocolate covered bacon I saw it when I was at the beach boardwalk with my cousins. So there’s probably lots of chocolate covered stuff.

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I think chocolate goes good on a variety of things. :smiley:


I know, I love chocolate too kids. But I’d be remiss in my role as resident curmudgeon if I did gripe about stuff like chocolate flavored eggnog and plastic Christmas trees.

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Haha ,you know how to play your part then. :slight_smile: You’re very wise.


Eggnog is the best drink ever. :slight_smile:

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I drank a whole half gallon of it over night. haha It’s just too hard to resist. XD




Did you change your username? Were you yoyojohn?



But I really dislike eggnog.

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Yep ,I changed it. You’re the first one to notice.Very observant. :slight_smile:


Nice new name then! :wink:


Ebenezer Scrooge

and I did notice you changed your name johnthejwolfe. and a really cool name it is too.


Can we get back on topic now?

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Thank you ,good sir ,and to please abby ,we shall get back on topic ,because I am ,very much ,craving some eggnog.


I was at a party at Jim Erickson’s (owner of AE Dairy) house many years ago and they put ginger ale in their eggnog. That was really good as well, made it a little less rich and heavy.

Now I’m going to have to go buy some eggnog.

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Hmmm… sounds good.