Blowing up plastic bottles. Like gatorade bottles.

Does anyone do this. I throw gatorade bottles and water bottles on cement and the lid flies of or it breaks. also have mixed vinegar and baking soda to blow up a water bottle

Recycle them dude lol. I always like to twist the bottle and blow off the cap.

i do if i still can

actually me and kyle do it and then u come along and start throwing our **** ::slight_smile:

It’s fun to do at school under the table. ;D

A lot of schools banned it.

How are they gonna know?

Ahh, baking soda and vinegar. :D. You should try diet coke mixed with vinegar and adding baking soda powdered mentos.

One guy threw it in a dumpster.

Diet coke and mentos…

Yep, that’s the way. If you take the cap off, it makes a stream!

I thought for sure this was going to be about muratic acib bombs. lol Well at least you all arn’t doing that.

Dry ice bomb

Bad things happen with those!! You shall appreciate life after them.

i throw them in the air acctualy. and once i filled a bottle with baking soda and vinegar

how do you twist the bottle and blow off the cap.

You twist the bottle.

And untwist the cap quickly, boom.

does the lid blow off or does the bottle explode

The lid blows off.

Remember kids we are all trained professionals! Dont try this at home!

On a side note dry ice and water in a water bottle is some scary stuff to mess with!