anyone else get yoyos confused for dip cans?

In my school, the whole “redneck” thing is a fad, chewing tobacco included. People confuse the yoyo in my pocket for a dip can nearly every day. Today, a teacher stopped me on my way to class and was ready to send me to the office.

Anyone have any problems like this?

(For those wondering, I’ve never smoked or dipped)

I say old chap! What’s all this doolally about “dip cans”? I’m afraid that I haven’t the foggiest idea what one refers to…


Haha, yeah. When I first started carrying a yoyo in my pocket all the time several people asked me when I had started dipping.

Gambit, dip=moist snuff. It comes in a small round container, called a can.

nope all our school has is problems with kids selling electric cigarettes to each other…

I must say that is quite odd. I guess things have changed a lot in the 6 years since I was in high scool

Actually, it’s happening a lot on middle school campuses around here…

Another touchy subject around here.

Speaking from experience DO NOT start “dipping”.

I find it surprising. When I was in school people smoked because they thought it looked cool. There’s nothing cool about puffing an e-cig. Plus you’d think the parents would be able to keep track of their electronic cigarettes easier.

oh there’s everything going around in my school from dip, to weed, to now vaporizers and hooka, there’s everything, no esigs tho.

^I’m so glad I’m home schooled.


there’s pros and cons of both really, just depends who you are i guess. I’m glad I go to a public school because it opened up a lot of engineering opportunities I couldn’t have dreamed of thru homeschool.

True but then there’s all the things yo just listed.

HEY, it’s 11am on a Thursday guys! Aren’t both of you supposed to be in school right now instead of on the YYE forums!? BUSTED both of you!

Home schooling will lead to a “slap” in the face of reality upon entering the real world.


I finished my school.

With home schooling you get to work at your own pace. I just blaze right through it.

I’m home with the flu lol not really busted.

One month ago I was in the audience at The Soup on the E! Network. Joel Mchale, host of The Soup, was posing for pictures with people prior to The Soup taping. As I approached him he chastised me for chewing tobacco because we had already discussed my career as a nurse and a nurse should know how dangerous chewing tobacco can be to one’s health. Much to his surprise I pulled out my OneStar and just did some barrel rolls and boing-e-boing and it blew The Soup staff and Joel away. They had me yoyo during every commercial break while filming (which is done in real time with real commercial breaks). It was a great experience!

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Same here. Finished like an hour ago, now I’m on here. Homeschool sounds a lot better now, doesn’t it?

happened to me, once. It was funny
Big guy: “Hey can I have a pinch?”
Me: ? (just a what I am sure was a confused look.)
Big guy: “Isn’t that chaa in your pocket?”
Me: ? (confused, still.) “What?”
Big guy: (points to my yoyo in my pocket.) “Can I have a bit of your chew!?”
Me: “Oh no that is a yoyo man, sorry.”
Big guy: (Shrugs, and grumbles) “Ok thanks.”
It was an odd situation because he looked kinda’ angry the whole time, and could defiantly break me in half it had wanted too.

Truth, I don’t know what people look like. And I’ll my friends are on yye.