Other uses for yoyos

I figured this would be a pretty fun thread to create! State other uses for yoyos! Ill go first!

Many of times i have used mine for an ashtray when one was not around. Lol. I do not condone smoking its a very bad habit. Don’t smoke kids.

You are a mad man! lol. What yoyo did you ash in?
(Kids… DONT SMOKE!!!)

I use a yoyo to support my cell phone when Im using it to make videos sometimes.
I also use my nicest throws as artwork for my room.

I use them as paperweight in office lulz

I use my BigYo as a bowl sometimes.

haha my avalanche, it doesnt damage it bro all i do is dump it out in the trash and blow the rest out lol i wasnt saying that kids do even tho most of the teenagers do now, i was just tellin em not to start because its bad for you.and is a waste of money lol.

@M.DeV1 thats awesome!!! Id imagine a ramen noodles taste on point out of a Bigyo!! Hahahaaaa

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I forgot to add about yours bro with the charizard pic, the artwork thing is pretty cool man! I dont have enough throws for that, boutta have one less actually. Justified double post… Js

Sometimes I use my SSW to wake up my brother. 8)

I’ve seen a video of Vashek using a throw as a shot glass.


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im takin shots outta my avalanche for now on!!! Ooowww!

You can separate the yoyo and use both of the halves as knobs on a dresser.


new use for my busted dv888


In the morning?

candy dish… ash tray… shotglass… doorstop…

The possibilities are endless!

hahahahaa nahh brahh, i usually have it everywhere i go, i party down a lot with my friends and i just think itd be cool to take a shot and bust a combo out hahaha i drink coffee in the mornin man or tea. I really dont even drink too much anymore, one night i killed a bottle of ciroc alone blacked out and made a fool outta myself at the party so i dont go that hard anymore. Lil hit of jack have my tummy warm tho :slight_smile:

that is official!!! I wouldnt wanna scratch my throw tho, i just use my lighter to open em, thanks for sharing the video bro!

Thats hilarious xD

So in a topic( other uses for yoyos) someone mentioned using busted yoyo halves as a door mob or dresser handle.

Is this possible? Anyone want to try it?

You should be able to. Especially for something like the burnside where you can put the axle through the door (With a longer axle of course) and then through the yoyo, with a nut in the irg to hold it tight. Maybe it would work with yoyos without axle holes in the irg, but you would have to glue the axle into the yoyo. Either way this seems very wasteful.

I used a Super G to eat fried rice before. Paperweight too.