Goodbye old friend...

Today, I had to say a very sad goodbye to one of my all time favorite yoyos…my soda blasted 1Drop Project.

needless to say, I’m not happy about how I had to loose it, and the reality of the situation is still absolutely ridiculous to me still.

So today was the day that my cousins from the east coast were coming for a visit, and we had plans to go visit Alcatraz island in the SF bay. We had enjoyed a fun experience touring about the old island and were on the ferry back to shore. I was throwing a bit on the main deck as the sun was out, there was a nice sea breeze, and my two cousins were having a great time as we just talked randomly. A young boy was watching me yoyo and was looking for quite some time. I smiled at him as I continued to do some tricks, and he approached me.

“I also can yoyo!” He said to me with a heavy European accent. Sounded Russian but I wasn’t too sure. I know of the many younger kids who are total masterminds at yoyoing in Russia, and I was curious if he was one of them. I asked him if he had a yoyo on him, to which he replied that he didn’t take one with him. I offered to let him try my project, which I normally would never do, but given that he seemed like he possibly knew a bit about yoyoing, was ok for me.

Big mistake.

He took the project and immediately put the string on his pointer finger, without a slip knot. He gave it a strange throw that resulted in the yoyo falling off his finger…
and rolling into the small vent that was toward the back of the deck that dropped into the water.

. <

Of all the possible chances of the yoyo oh so perfectly going into that barely diabolo sized vent on the entire span of the deck…in it went.

The boy immediately yelled “IM SORRY!” and ran off somewhere else on the boat.

I am not mad at the boy, I am more mad at myself for being so trusting that just because someone says “they can yoyo” means that they can.
Needless to say, I basically tried not to cry the rest of that boat ride back, it’s not easy losing a yoyo of that rarity, but oh well, I learned my lesson, I definitely won’t be doing that again without making sure.

Let this be a warning to all of you! Don’t assume everyone who says they can yoyo indeed can! To the general public “being able to yoyo” might just mean putting a plastic party favor on their finger, and going up and down. Find out what they can do first before allowing anyone to try your throws. And bring a plastic around with you! I normally have one I bring around for that reason but forgot to have it today.

Here’s to you 1Drop Project…Ill never forget you.

Ouch! I feel for you man… live and learn though.

I feel like I woulda jumped in and got it if i could lol

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That’s horrible.

Man… I’m usually one of those “eh, it’s just a yoyo” kind of guys when it comes to dings and stuff. But this story got me right in the feels. :frowning: A ding is one thing. A completely lost yoyo of that kind of significance to you is another.

Wow, that story hurt me. I can only imagine how you feel. Sorry for your loss.

Aww man that sucks a too out to sea man that’s sad. I hope karma kicks in somewhere along the line for ya so you can get something good to happen to you cause you need it. By the way this is why I have a school Yoyo a Yoyo I bring to public events or places so If I lose or break it I wouldn’t be as upset as I would if it would be a really expensive Yoyo)

Im basically over it. It was just the shock of it happening that got me totally out of it for a few hours. Yoyos can be replaced. Some more easily than others, but they can

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I cringed. That is horrible.

If I can take anything from this, it’s that I SHOULD NEVER LET ANYONE TOUCH MY YOYOS EVER.

I’m officially paranoid.

I am so sorry. That blows. I would be balling.

Maybe you could do math to figure out where it ended up… If I ever go to Alcatraz again and I see it in the sand I’ll make sure to send it to you. On a brighter note how was Alcatraz aside from this terrible loss? Did you visit the classic arcade place back on the dock?

Ouch. That’s got to hurt losing a yoyo that is that rare.

I would have never started throwing on a boat before but now I don’t know if I would even consider bringing a yoyo with at all unless I had it in a zipper pocket where I would know that its safe.

Sorry for your loss man

Really sorry to hear this. :frowning:


We’ll, don’t think of me as taking advantage of the situation, but next time I go to the Bay I will bring Scuba equipment :slight_smile: ( no, really, sorry for your loss.)

Yeah a lot of people think they can yoyo. If somebody came up to me like that, I would have asked what is the most advanced trick they know. If they responded with something like Yuuki slack, then I would let him or her have at it. I’m glad you were nice enough to let the kid try and maybe meet a new thrower, but everything happens for a reason. I know I would have been sad for some time :-\

I am 99% sure I would have jumped in after it, sorry this happened to ya though.

Thats a bummer, sorry.

One Drop used to (still may) do an anniversary run of that very yoyo once a year. Around December I think. Maybe shot them an email and see if they still do.

Vegabomb beat me to what I was going to say as well.
I bought a “Project” in one of their anniversary releases. I also have one of the originals and found the anniversary versions to be as awesome as the original.
Keep your fingers crossed that they do another release, and like Vegabomb suggested, I would shoot them an E-Mail and ask them if they have something planned.

I’m sorry for your loss though. I would be beside myself if I were you.

No good deed goes unpunished sometimes… :’(

That blows…

I have a similar tale of loss…

A few years ago I saved up for months, eventually ordered a YYJ Xconvict. After paying something like for $40 for the yoyo, $25 for international shipping and around another $5 for customs tax and waiting for three weeks for the package to arrive, I was super excited when the parcel was ready to be collected.

I picked up the parcel at the post office, ran outside and tore open the box. I was so super excited, my first new yoyo in a year! I put the slip knot on my finger and threw the yoyo… But NOOO… the string wasn’t attached to the yoyo - and on the very, very first throw I watched as the yoyo bounced down the pavement and into a storm water drain, gone forever…

I felt physically sick.