Got the card today :).

Wait what do you mean?

Alliance as in the yoyo?


If you got on the YYJ team, saying in your faces probably isn’t the best way to represent the company.

But congratulations.

The YYJ Alliance is a yoyo… Still rather have a Trinity though ;D

He won the Trading Card.

good point. Ill edit that out. YOU DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING insert the penguin from Madagascar(rights reserved) waving his arms here

I believe I posted that,…

You did, but no one got it…

Wait, so is the card linked to winning the yoyo? If not, then what did you win?

Facetime me and prove it!

He got a card from the Winter Trading Cards, it had a number, he types in the code on the card, and gets the YYJ Aliance.

Wait, Checks Calendar

he won a gift card the only alliance available has been claimed. The yoyojam pack. So it was a gift card. I yoyo check out my yoyojam fan thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,58400.0.html

FINNALLY! Someone got it. Trust me, I was about to reach into my iPod and slap all if you. If I had won the Yoyo, I wouldn’t be on forums, I would have token the first plane to MA so I could get my yoyo ASAP. I would have rented out a private jet!

Nooooo Check your calendar!!!

Ooohh my goodness everybody stop with the stupid April Fools junk. Its gotten to the point where its annoying now. I hate to be the guy to complain about it but its just gotten a little out of hand with all these threads.

the thread died soon after :confused: maybe you should try trolling, its fun. And you do realize, a trolls ultimate goal is to get someone mad, which by your post, it seems I have completed my mission and then some :wink:

Hey! Check out my name…