I wish more yoyo's looked like this....

The sigma blade had to be one of the coolest full production yoyos ever in my opinion.

The clear body with the clear caps with black graphics, with the nice gold like rims…

To me, it was just a totally sick looking yoyo.

What do you guys think.

Are there any other yoyos that have this kind of look?

I really love how that old sigma looks…

So cool, I like that look very much also.

that is one good looking yoyo :o :o

Wow.It looks nice but kind of plain…

thats one nice yoyo! if you like clear yoyo check this one out!


it looks AWESOME!!!

p.s sorry for posting another website!

Looks so nice with the yellow string!

Wow. That looks so nice!

If more yoyo’s looked like that then we would have less yoyo’s to choose from. I disagree!

it’s too…basic IMO

never really liked the taste of clear yoyos…lol :D,

i dont like clear yoyos except fhz with a splashh design on the inside


I ate my old clear FH0 and it tasted fine to me.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Me either. They all taste like… plastic…

Anyway, I like the look of the Sigma Blade. I bet it would look even cooler if the plastic was invisible. You’ll look like you were playing with two floating rings and string! :smiley:

That would too cool!