Solaris looks like a CLYW product

…just sayin’

No it doesn’t. Granted, it doesn’t look like a Spyy either…

Yes it does. It also looks similar to the star series from Yyf. Good for spyy!

I don’t see it

No it doesn’t, I don’t see it at all honestly.

I just think the paint job makes it looks like a Clyw thing

but it definitively does look like an interesting throw


The anodize is perhaps the must unoriginal thing on the yoyo. Hardly a defining feature.

at this point, it’s pretty difficult to make a yo-yo that is BOTH a top-level player built for modern mainstream competition AND totally aesthetically distinct.

that said, the 2d cad drawings of the solaris’s cross-section make it really unique, and add up to a weight distribution and overall level of playability that spyy has never achieved before AND which feels unlike anything else i’ve thrown. i hope you get a chance to throw it, and when/if you do, please let me know if you think it plays even remotely derivative or forgettable.

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Many many similarities. I don’t care if you can’t see it. I can.
Also I never said it looks just like it. I said similarities. Spyy has hit the nail on the head here. Drove the nail in one hit. Best yoyo to date through spyy. I want.

It looks enough like the Supra that it looks “SPYY enough” for me. I miss the spikes but maybe that just didn’t work with this throw. The shape does remind me of some YYF yo-yos, but even little differences can make a totally unique yo-yo. SPYY is a great company I love my Addict and my Radian Gen 2 has quickly become one of my favorite yo-yos to date. It would be awesome to have a Flying V, Sky Chaser, Ronin…the list continues. :wink:

On a side note, from now on, this is now what I’m calling yoyos that I like:


I wasn’t intending it looked like the star series, but thank you so very much for noticing the similarities

I think the Solaris looks like a Duncan, YYF, CLYW, YYJ, Yomega, SPYY, ILYY, etc. being that they are all yoyos and are all round and have bearings and some type of response system and string wrapped around the axle and are made out of metal. Where do you draw the line? :-\

Another circle yoyo? jeez! get inventive!


Winner! lol

My point was that there are similarities. Most yoyo’s have similarities. I never said it looked like this or that. Just that it’s similar. You guy’s need to look again. I mean sheesh. There are very few yoyo’s out there that don’t have another two or three yoyo’s that are extremely similar.

Skip wins and that is that.

Have Fun,

Let the tondo out of this…