I was wondering...about Easter and yo-yos

What if the Yoyoexpert forum did something like the Secret Santa for Easter? I loved the Secret Santa, and giving away some of my throws made me feel good about myself. I mean , Easter does have the whole Hunt for treasure thing about, with egg hunts and all. I would think we could do an all plastic theme, too, just for fun. I don’t know if anyone else would like this, but post your thoughts. I personally loved the Secret Santa, and I could get rid of some throws, as my shelf is currently full. So, with that, post away!

P.S. Call it the Easter Bunny is Here event, if you will…lol

I like the idea… But it’ll be hard for me to be a secret bunny because I only have 3 throws and I’m broke

not everybody has to take part in it.

i think it would be a great idea, i would love to give away, maybe a dv888, a protostar, psg, just some stuff i dont use, i like the idea

M’kay, i can see we have some interest…that’s good.

My Mighty Flea came in one of those vending machine-type egg-style containers. It was clear and red. It was kinda cheery.

However, I’m not going to be participating in any sort of Secret Bunny Egg program. At the same time, I’m not going to discourage any programs.

While I would love to do this I faintly remember Ithcus shooting down this idea before because its already hard enough to manage the secret santa let alone doing it twice a year.