I want to purchase a yoyo for string tricks. Need help.

Skyline, G5, MVP, idk. what should i get for expert tricks with stability, long spin time, and good quality.
thanks ;D

Get a Catalyst best yoyo ever for now…OR A 888 SO YEH

i personally dont like the catalyst… yoyoslayer, you keep advertizing other throws as the best evar or the worst evar. now, it is annoying as new people may get the wrong idea and think that X is better than Y.

pineapple: i personally would like your prefences so i can better help you dont tell us what you like, we cant help you. its the same thing with all of the WHAT DO I GETposts. they are very vauge and we cant help much

I see that your favorite yoyo is the Skyline? So I think you have it. Skyline is good enough.

Again…there is NO definite best yoyo.

You know, you only need like a 20 dollar yoyo to do all the tricks on the list.

Skylines rock. they are my favorite undersized throw

I just got a genesis which alot of people like. The super g is also nice.