I want to know your string preferences

If you were on the recieving end of Free yoyo string from Buddy Jim (Thank you Thank you) :P. Would you rather have a variety of Humboldt Honeys (Poly 2-3 color) Or Mendo Momas (1 colors), OOh or Sonoma Valley Girls (metalic accented polys.) I really wanna know your opinion. Please help.

I would like the Mendo Momas because I like strings with one color more. Ones with three colors are confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sonoma Valley Girls. Me love metal.

Cools stuff fellows. Once I get ahead again I might half to send samples. I wanted to know so I could give away a few strings at the kearns yoyo club meeting coming up at the end of the month. interested PM me.

I dont care about string color, but mabe you should send me a 5 pack for reviewing purposes?
(5A point of view)

Do you make string. I usually trade string for string. You up for any kind of a trade.

I dont make string but I can trade 5 snacktime strings

Snack time… Never tried em before. You got a deal. I will be a little delayed on string making so Pm with an address, and let’s ship to each other some time over the weekend.