I want to buy a yoyofactory popstar

I’m in Viet Nam and i want to buy that yoyo

Why can’t people ask their question in the message body instead of throwing up another unnecessary poll?

Spin times are decent. It should get you through most tricks.

1 min tricks or 1 minute/1 throw? Sure, if you throw strong enough and hit clean enough.

Lastly, shipping may cost or exceed the price of the yoyo. See about making arrangements for less expensive shipping costs. You should have very few problems getting that in a padded mailer or first class postage box. To make it worth it, you might see if you can order strings in bulk at the same time.

The popstar is tiny. So it probably won’t make it through whatever sweet 1 minute combo you have.

You can do long combos on a pop start but you have to be perfect, like complete god status.

i got my popstar 2 weeks ago, and i gotta say i love it, its a really fun yoyo to fool around with, the spin time on it is pretty good , mines was about a min and a half to 2 mins,

as for combo’s like the guy above me said, you really need to land them nicely due to its small size,

but for its price its an awesome throw, the only thing is that annoying screeching sound when you unscrew it, but its a yoyo perfect for anyone wanting a break from the norm and have alot of fun