I Want Some Good Kendama'ers Opinions (Very Weird Question)

Hi guys! I have a weird question for you experienced kendama’ers. I’ve decided that for a talent show coming in a little less than a year, to be weird and different I’ll think of and practice tricks involving landing my finger inside the small hole of an empty soap bottle. The hole is basically the size of a… grown persons thumb?

My question is that would you think if i practice making the bottle spin about 5 feet in the air then landing my finger in it enough, it’s something i could do consistently? Or does that just involve too much luck? I thought a good kendama’er might have a good insight on this, as it’s essentially the same trying to get a spike (my finger) into a small hole (the soap bottle), but I’m not quite sure if this is impossible to do consistently. I just want to get some opinions so I don’t practice this if it’s impossible to perfect, lol. Thanks guys!

With that amount of time to practice you could get consistent imho. Might want to weight the bottom of the bottle a bit to help with rotation?

Alright, thank you. Should I actually try to study how I land it such as taking notice how much i flip it, exactly how high I throw it up, etc.? Or would just spinning it randomly up enough times be sufficient, while of course actually still putting in effort to land it?