Kentoppa (new video on page 2)

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So I had an idea today. I tried it once in my room, and immediately told my roommate that we had to get the camera and go outside that very moment. This is what I stumbled upon:

I want to try and develop this further, and I want to buy another ken to modify and put more cups on. I want to reverse the spike to make a teeny cup to land on (probably as hard as spiking a kendama!) and I want to put a spot on the bottom of the ken between the slip stop and the rim of the bottom cup. I can also land it on the string hole, but it’s hard since I’m using a fixed tip.


I think I have TWO new goals now.

This kendama/yoyo integration thing is cool and all, but this kentoppa idea seems a bit more natural.

OK, gonna start learning to boomerang. Screw the scoop, that’s not working for me. I’m gonna be out front most of the weekend working on just boomerang and then get good at balancing the top, then I think it’s time to buy a “sacrificial” ken for the next part.


Gopro FTW.

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I’m actually completely dissatisfied with the GoPro, but that’s another topic. Luckily it’s not mine.


Lol I watch that and think, “Why have I not seen that before?” Excellent discovery.

Landing catches has got to be easier than with the dama, but what this introduces is the element of time… spin tops do not spin indefinitely, so how many tricks can you pull of while it is spinning? Fixed tip makes is more challenging but if it were bearing you could land it sideways on the tip and involve the precesssion of the top… WOAH i just blew my own mind…

Thanks for sharing Pat!

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I was thinking of ways to incorporate a sideways top, including a medium-ish sized loop of string through the string hole that could hand downwards no matter how you hold it, but kinda figured it would just be tacking on complications to an otherwise slick setup. I might still try it, but I’m going to be experimenting for a bit to see what I can do.


Now drill a hole through the bottom of the Ken and attach a yoyo to it and you’ll be the best multitasker ever. Also there are kens with 5 cups so you dont need to modify one

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That’s not what I’m talking about. I said the lower end of the Ken, between the slip stop and the rim of the bottom cup.


Great innovation Pat! I had never seen it done.

It also blows my mind.

I need to send a link to Salvador Martinez. He is not only an expert top spinner but also very good with the kendama.

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Yes! I wasn’t the only one who tried this! This needs to be a thing.

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You’re just the kind of person I’d expect to figure this out.

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If I’m getting your meaning, you could just use a drill bit of a size of your choosing and just drill a very shallow hole or three.


Me and my friend balanced the finger indent of a Dark Sonic on a Kendama Spike. He threw a horizontal throw, and I put the spike inside the finger indent. It was pretty cool!


you put a top in the other side of the dark sonic.


That would be awesome!

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Some more experimentation:


i like it :slight_smile:
Did you try some jump-rope type moves?

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I give you all credit.