Goofing around more with Kentoppa

Shot quick, edited quick.

The spike is real nice, and I like your edits. Please proceed.

Your fast editing is very good!

I wonder how the kentoppa would work if you put on the top the S8 accessory cap with a bearing tip and tied it to the ken. You’ll probably have to hold the string from time to time to stop it from tangling, but you may be able to do other kendama tricks.

Good work!

I’ve tried tricks with the string and ken at nearly the same time, but I can never get it to look like more than controlled mayhem. Attaching the string to the top of the crown would be really really awesome and would allow me to continue a spin without dropping it ruining the whole throw. That would help one hurdle that I’ve been trying to get over: that each throw is time-consuming and subject to any error during tricks botching the whole throw.

I’d have to figure out a quick way to attach the kendama string to the top. Is this accessory cap something like the cap on the S8 Love, but free-spinning? It it a system that converts a top into a two-tip? I’m not sure I know exactly what this part is, but you have me excited that it could be just what I’ve been needing this whole time!


The cap converts any of the S8 tops (except the first generation and the Love) into a two tip top.

(the axle is optional and you really don’t need it)

Here is a video I made of double tip tricks, the first half using S8’s:

That’s freakin’ cool! This would make it super easy to cinch a slipknot onto the tip after a throw and play with it hanging from the ken. I could probably even open up the slipknot into a big loop, catch the top inside the loop right off the throw, and then drop it to cinch it onto the tip.

I’m looking for them briefly while on my lunch break. Are these a rare accessory, are they for sale from the manufacturer, or do you think I would be able to find one from someone on a top forum?

I have some! Several colors. I hope to post what inventory I have tomorrow.

That was so mind boggling that I may have defecated on myself a little.