Fixed/bearing tip top


Anyone know if a top was ever made that could switch between fixed and bearing tip? I don’t mean one that needs to swap tips or tighten the bearing. I mean one that easily on the go could switch. Maybe a button on the top of the top that would lock the bearing tip in place?


As far as I know, the strummol8 love do have a thing that screw on the tip and effectivly lock the bearing without having to do anything. The other one I know is the bearing king, which comes with both tip. But yeah It’s somethign that i searched for a LONG time ago and ended up buying both version of the tops when I wanted a fixed and a bearing one.


Not sure about an easy switch bearing to fixed, but the S8 with a one way bearing is good if you are trying to learn regens with a bearing tip.


I think thought the intent of the Love is to play it with the screw on top removed. It also serves as a spin top button and hides the string inside the top.


Yeah but I’ve seen Neff and other snapstart master play with it on… Whenever I end up buying one I’ll update here… But yeah ultimately, no there isn’t any top that change from one to the other easily.

A small note on thighning bearing. bad idea. I destroyed my QSH bearing doing that… =)


Did you mean tightening? Really curious as I don’t want to destroy a bearing lol.


I did thighten one QSH to lock the bearing ( by hand ) and the bearing basically made a weird sound and then they were fried ( even one ball of the bearing went out… S8 aleviate the problem by giving you a nylon washer then a metal one… so that you thighten against the outer of the bearing not the inner fragile part. But to be honest, I won’t plan to do it, I’d be too scared to break it out. On the QSH side, Dale is selling the bearing so that you can replace them. His bearing are ABSOLUTELY amazing. I’d say even better than S8 ones in the begining but they are dry… meaning they won’t last as long as the S8 bearing which are not dry and sheilded I think…

But yeah, thighening down bearing is a bad idea from my experience.




I stand corrected. :slight_smile:


The Love is great! And yes, probably currently the fastest and easiest to change between fixed and free spinning tips.

Just best take the jump ring off of the aluminium cap, or it will vibe a lot.

It’s sooo smooth as a bearing top!