Trick help?

So i just got my Kendama yesterday and i have to say it is addicting. I am trying to learn around the world right now but I am having trouble landing the spike part. Do you guys have any tips?

You just have to learn how to control the spin of the ball. It just takes practice. Good luck!

You can do the normal pull-up spike then? Like from when the tama’s hanging in the string?
Anyways, this vid helped me alot when i was completely new to kendamas

the most helpful advice i can provide is to constantly look for the hold on the tama. (ken is the wood part you hold tama is the ball together = kendama!) but ya when you go from cup to spike, or spike back on the spike look for the hole and a constant rotation. Helps to bend your knees in order to control the spin of the ball when it comes off the cups. Hope this helps!