Spike help.

I am testing the waters with kendama play and it is tough! I am having the most trouble figuring out spiking. Seems like when I bring the spike towards the tama (I think that’s the ball piece), it seems like the hole always want to spin away from the spike and I end up looking like a donkey (to explain in a forum friendly way).

Not sure if there is some secret to it or what.

Help please.

There were a few good tips in this thread -


Basically - Pull straight up, use knees to help and lower the ken to the tama, don’t just try to pull the tama straight up to the ken.  I find it helps if you use your whole arm to pull, lift your shoulder a little and don’t flick your wrist or bend the elbow too much, that will jerk the string and lead to the ball turning.

Keep on practicing and you’ll get it down eventually.