Is it weird? and help!

Is it weird how my aeroplanes are more consistent than my spikes?

I don’t know how to get consistent spikes! I bend my knees like crazy but I only manage to get it in once every four or five tries.

Focus on pulling the tama upwards along the line created by the string, so it’s perfectly vertical. Also, there’s no sharp tugging in the motion; you’re gently pulling up and only moving the ken down underneath it to spike once it’s able to move upwards under its own momentum. If you move the ken around while the string is still taught, it’s going to start rotating the tama, making spiking harder.

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GENIUS! I got it down! I was pulling the tama up way too hard!

The biggest tip I can give you is to utilize this to rise and fall with the kendama in order to delay the relative impression of gravity. You’ll find later on for big tricks, you’ll be between sitting on your ankles, up on your toes, and back down again.