Help on Spiking from Cups/Jumping Stick

Well I just got my first kendama yesterday (a gold stain Sweets) and so far I’ve gotten my spike, big cup, little cup, bottom cup and airplane down. I’ve gotten jumping stick 3 times by some measure of chance, but the only thing I seem to be struggling with is whenever I have the tama on one of the cups, I can’t seem to spike it. Any help?

You need to place the tama on the cup where by the hole always faces you.

Break it down to two parts:

  1. Place the tama on the cup(s), with the hole facing directly to you (about 45 degrees), and figure out how much spin is needed to allow you to spike (hole facing straight down).
  2. Try to pull up the tama by jerking slightly forwards so you could land the tama with the hole facing you.

Once you have these two mastered, there should be no problem spiking the tama from almost any position.

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