Any tips for landing on the spike more?

Alright so I’m using a sweets green stained kendama and I have been doing it for a little while on and off. So I’m wondering are there any tips for landing it on the spike more other than spinning? Because I realize after a certain point I need to stop spinning tama eventually if I want to get better.

the one thing you can do is to just crank it out and practice alot thats what i do with kendama. also just stop the tama with your hand and just go from there.
I do agree that spinning the tama is a very bad habit and should be avoided.

Make sure the tama is not moving it all just let it hang at the bottom of the string and when you pop up the kendama make sure your not jerking the ball in any direction you want it to just hop up straight and it should land on the spike/

But it really just takes practice I can spike it most of the time now after about a week and 1/2 of owning one (I did have a little kendama experience before that)

The main thing to focus on is just pulling straight up without jerking the string. Using your knees is always a good tip and I find it helps to kind of pull with your whole arm, avoid bending your wrist too much and use your shoulder a little to help pull up.

Not sure if I described that too well, but watch some kendama videos and you’ll get the idea. It takes practice just like with yo-yos, keep at it and you’ll get it down.

bend low and stand up straight. Use very little arm at all. I’ve noticed if I hold the ken completely horizontal as I lift, it helps quite a bit as well.

pull from your knees and not your arm so the ball keeps stable, thats with everytrick almose.

what i like to do is i give the ball a 360 rotation(left to right) and land it on the spike .
you can break that trick in 2, so you can make the rotation and land on the bigcup and then spike,
with this moves you get bal controle and you learn to give the ball effect how you want it.

also in the beginning let the bal land on the spike, if you want to stick the spike in the ball it only makes it harder.


Practice :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of pulling the tama all the way up to the spike, pull the tama up half way and lower the ken under it.or even less than half way if you can. The less you pull the tama the less unwanted movement it will have. Also practicing cup to spike will make you a lot better at dry spikes.

Umm… yeah keep doing what your doing. Play.

I find that going from big cup to spike I the easiest way to do it.

Yes much easier, and it will help you with dry spikes.
I learned birds by going cup pc to bird, it made learning die birds much easier