Around the world

I need help with around the world. I’m a noob. I can’t get the last part from the base cup to the spike. Help

Hmmm… well when you are getting the tama to the spike from base cup be sure that the hole is facing you, then use your knees as you bring the tama up to spike. The rest is just hand-eye coordination, remember to keep your eyes on the hole the whole time and try to bring the spike under the hole so as the tama falls it will land on the spike. That is really all the advice I can give you, it really is just practice and practice with a lot of trial and error until you can finally get it. It will take awhile but keep dama’ing you’ll get it soon enough! :smiley:


And you can practice just from that cup to the spike. You don’t have to do the whole trick just for practice.