Ball Stall


So I was playing around with my kendama today, and I accidentally stalled the ball on the spike while trying to catch it on the spike. It’s kind of hard to explain, but the tip of the spike kinda catches on the side of the hole, so the ball is slanted and doesn’t go all the way down the spike. Has this ever happened to you? (happened to me more than once now)


Yeah that has happened to me before, but it was more when I was barely starting out…not so much anymore though, now its either I get it or don’t :P. Although I don’t know if there really is a term for this, however if it lands on the spike and it falls off I know that is called “tip wet”. Anyhow keep dama’ing :smiley:


Ok, so it’s just an accidental trick. I thought it was pretty impressive… ::slight_smile: