I want a G&E4... but not entirely

A while back I bought an HSPIN G&E4 Water Lily. I was more than impressed with the presentation. It was stunning, and better yet, it felt incredible in the hand. It was tall and relatively thin. Man that thing was cool.

Then I threw it…

If anyone else out there has read reviews about (or has had the “pleasure” to throw it first hand) this thing, you know it throws like a wet towel. Awkward. So what I want/need is to find a yoyo that is real tall 56-60mm not so wide, 38-42mm and 68+grams, preferably 70+. And lastly, it must throw smooth… heck, just normal, I want to enjoy playing it.

Does such a mystical treasure exist? Anyone out there feel similarly?

Any and all input will be appreciated.

Maybe YYJ should use my wishlist and come out with a new bi-material (drools).

*ATTENTION YoYoJam!!! - here’s your new best seller!!!

I would go with a Pyro. But sadly they dont make the 72 grams version anymore.
The only other thing I can think of at the moment is a New Breed. It’s 69 grams (correct me if im wrong) and its pretty big. But its really wide so you might have to compromise a little.

Hope I helped.

None of those are really skynny.

I’d try out a FH0, closest thing…

May be too light though, If you could do the “Legacy weight ring mod” to it, it’d be heavy enough.

wide so you might have to compromise a little.

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions.

Tell me a little more about this? I have an FHZ, it’s ok… maybe if it were MUCH heavier.

Dougie, my current favorite is a New Breed, so I don’t mind the width by any means. I just have this idea in my head for an awesome throw.

Modding the FH0s make it super awesome.

If you could silicone recess it and weight ring it, it’d probably compare to a lot of metals.

If you don’t know what a recess is exacly, look here:

Here’s a thread about taking weight rings out of a Legacy, but you’d have to sacrafice a Legacy of course.