Going big


I’m thinkin about getting an oversize throw relativly soon, but before I look at any, I would like to hear what throws you like that are performance worthy, and at least 2.45 inches in diameter… This is NOT intended for off string

Thank you for your council


only yoyos I know of that are that big are Jirorian, Dreadnought (G, and normal), and the H5.
Never used an h5 personally, but I have used the first two.
just my 2 cents, the Jirorian is a great yoyo that plays a bit lighter than it actually is. I think it’s like… 71g? something like that. but it plays like a few g lighter. It’s really stable (of course… it IS crucial. :P) and it’s just a great yoyo. A couple people who have used mine though didn’t really like it.
I very very briefly used a normal dreadnought, so can’t so much about that. I think it was good though.
The dreadnought G I used for a few minutes. It’s REALLY heavy. like… ridiculously so. But it’s also incredibly smooth, and flows really really nicely.


I think you should go with the Jirorian