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end o’ story


Yeah so pretty simple. That other site you’re talking about is i assume Japanese, so their currency is the Yen, which has weakened considerably lately, meaning the US $ buys more Yen than it used to, meaning things cost less now from overseas than they did 6 months ago. However YYE, not having the ability to foretell the future, probably bought their stock from Something back when the USD was only worth 80 or so Yen, so their stock was bought when prices were higher, and now that’s how they have to sell it.

Nothing to do with margins or any conspiracy theories, also this thread is in very poor taste. Buy it from somewhere else if you want, i assume we all have at one time or another, that’s just the way the world works.


The solution to your problem is simple. Go buy the other one. Nothing says you have to commit to one store to do business.


I know, but the costumer service is so much better here :-\


^Well there you have it. better to be safe than sorry.

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Um, prices across the board at all major yoyo stores are pretty much the same. Of course there are a select few yoyos which are sold at a higher cost than other stores, but those other stores ALSO have a select few yoyos which are sold at a higher cost than this one.

NathanC is also SPOT ON, read his post. There are currency differences as well across different stores. And I agree with him about your post having poor taste… the title and the manner you presented your “issue” made you look rather immature.


So what’s your point? Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances.


I have absolutely no idea what we are talking about.


With the content of the initial post removed, it’s hard to fully understand the conversation. The OP seems to have a history of saying stuff, and once getting the answers they seek, removes the body of their original post, then goes requesting the post be removed.

If the inquiry was about prices and customer service:

I have shopped at a few online stores, INCLUDING YoYoExpert. I’m not going to name names because, according to the rules and guidelines, that would be rude.

At any rate, at 3 places(soon to be 4), I know the people who run the shops. On top of that, I’ve already gotten great customer service.

No offense intended to YoYoExpert, but I shop by price, same as anyone else. If I can get the same item elsewhere for less, I’ll do it. But, I’ll also only do this at stores I trust, which so far have been the places I have bought from in the past.

I’ve also dealt with brick and mortar shops too.

Buy from where you want to. Pay what you want. In the end, YYE has one of the biggest selections, so you’ll be coming here for more time and time again. I can only speak for myself, but even after I leave fairly soon from the forums here, I will continue to buy from YoYoExpert on a fairly regular basis.


Ohhhh, i though thus was all a joke for some reason, like he just put a period and somebody posted something long, and everybody was posting long stuff, it all seemed random…