I think I hit a block or something...


Quoting this from another thread… and when I read it … i felt like it was describing me…

any idea how to get through this stage?

kind of stuck in the middle of learning a bunch of stuff but at the same time … feels like i won’t be able to learn them …

trying to learn the ladder escape … superman… then asian pop hops … then theorem … also lotus bloom… and a bunch others from random youtube videos lol

maybe i should just concentrate on one and not all at the same time (easier said than done)

they might be easy tricks for u or someone else… but i need to stop and just concentrate on each one … but i am so ADD that i can’t just concentrate on one lol

darn … so it feels like i can’t learn crap … and i am just giving up on these …

but i don’t want to… give up … anyone else feel like this?


I’m with ya man. i’m stuck, and have been for nearly 4months


tackle one, possibly two at a time, so you can focus your effort … you might wanna devide it amongst two tho so that when you need a break from one, you have another to try… but id say youre almost to the stage where you can effectivly begin making your own tricks… try to change it up a little bit…

also change your viewing habbits… if you watch a lot of freestyle performances, dont watch any for a week… that will help you bring out creativity… and also begin to limit yourself on tutorials… you wont improve your ability to make tricks if youre always relying on a tutorial to show you the way… its not easy, but it does pay off

(Connor) #4

I was booming through tricks when I first started a few years ago, I blasted through the YYE tutorials like it was nothing.

Made up about 2-3 of my own tricks/combos then hit a brick wall. Its like crawling through jello for me, I’ve been coming up with maybe one trick every 2-3 months for the past 1-2 years. Still loving to yoyo and have a blast going to contests but my learning/creating pace has slowed significantly. I think everyone has their own speed for this type of thing. I know Gentry will pick up 20 tricks in 20 minutes at a competition, you show him your trick 2-3 times full speed and he can damn near replicate it on the spot. We’re all different, just flow with whatever comes out. Don’t fight it or force it out. Makes for sloppy, stiff, unnatural looking play.



yeah i might have to divide and conquer… still feel stuck though lol and … i am not close to making tricks yet lol maybe variations of similar tricks… i mostly watch tutorials and some freestyle (most time i don’t know what is going on freestyles and when i do watch it … i am like … i wanna do that lol )
i guess i don’t have creativity lol iuno … but yea its not easy … and yeah i think i rely too much on tutorials

yea i think i am fighting it… but can’t force it out


For me, every trick is a new block. Two choices:

1: Take a break

2: Push through it.

What is best depends on what the issue is at the time or the problem I’m having.

It’s been a month and I’m still stuck on the matrix. I’m not complaining, it’s just harder than I had expected and I’m having trouble putting it all together. No, I don’t need more help, what I need is more time to practice. It’s progressing nicely. I have done it, slow and not smooth, but I have done it completely. But it’s about consistency too. The ferris wheel portion is where my problems are. Breaking the trip down, I’m focussing on just that portion right now.


Learn somthing compleatly different. Try out a different skill toy and come back to yoyoing in a week or so. Or learn a new style of yoyoing try and exclusively play 5a or another stlye for the next couple of weeks. When you comeback to 1a you should beable to incoperate elements from whatever you did into your yoyoing


something that usually works for me, buy a new yoyo… something different from other things you have… maybe an unusual feature will spark an idea… and if it dosnt, then you have one more yoyo…lol

i only pick up a handful of yoyos each year


I have an offstring … Go big which is just sitting there… I will give that a go…

And 5a … I couldn’t do bee sting lol

Yea I need to take my mind off it


Try making your own tricks up.


or tricks that you like how they look.


I think I’m stuck in ditch as well. I understand how you feel, you want to learn tricks but your attention span prevents it, and creating tricks is harder.

Just take it slowly. Yo-yo like you do. A new trick will just come to you like that one day and you’ll have it down.


Stop. Don’t feel like playing with your yoyo on a particular day? Don’t play with your yoyo on that particular day. You should never feel like you have to force yourself to play with a yoyo.

If stopping doesn’t suit your style, try picking up a different style. if 5a has always interested you, try it out. even 4a is a ton of fun. see what works best for you.