I recently received a box of old yoyos

In it there is a glow Fireball ,Yomega Power Spin, Super Yo Sonic Spin, Spit Fire, Duncan Yoyo Professional, take apart USA made Imperial and Butterfly, and a weird red fixed axle from a Kawasaki Convention. I just want to know the value of these yoyos and if anything is exceptionally rare. I’m not looking to sell. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I was looking for those!

Just kidding.

They aren’t going to be worth much. For the time being, this is probably the best area for this.

Butterfly is pretty cheap

At first glance, most of those have little value. But I would say try googling them. If they aren’t worth anything. Hey, at least you have a cool little collection of yoyos. :slight_smile:

How old is the butterfly? I know the really old ones can be modded for unresponsive play and can be worth a little money post-op.

The Butterfly has a metal axle and starburst response. Can it be modded?

I think its only the one with this cap art.

I would ask umm… I forgot the guys name. He’s a collector on here who buys old rare yoyos. He would probably know best if the stuff has any value.

Honestly, everything you just listed is worth less than retail. Zero value other than as beaters to a beginner player.