Are these worth anything?

Hi. I am a non-yoyoer, but I acquired some yoyos from a yard sale. They were once on display in a hardware type store-that’s the story I received. They are all unused and in the boxes/packaging. Please tell me if these are worth anything or should I just donate them to Goodwill. Thank you.

Yellow/Black Turbo Bumble Bee-it’s in a hard plastic case and is made by playmaxx. I have four of these. There is a price sticker on it of $29.
SuperYo Sonic Spiin SSII-I have 9 of these and they are all clear with a $16. sticker on each of them.
Terminator Technic-I have 8 of these in blue, red, green, white, clear. The sticker is $8 on them
Yomega Fireball-I have 6 of them purple and one green. Sticker says $12
ProYo II Glow in the dark I have two of these-sticker says-$10
Moose’s YOYO Series 2 Thunderbolt There are no price stickers on these.

Thank you for your help-I have no idea what I have gotten into here. I have posted this on another yoyo forum as well.

I think some of those could be sold to beginners, but collectors will buy those possibly all at once. Just ask around.

The Bee’s, a collector might go for them because of the condition. You can get a NEW one for a $12 here or anywhere.

The Fireballs retail for $9.99 in toy stores and are readily available. The value is to the collector in their condition. I have a Fireball I bought 2-3 months ago. Fun throw, but I’ve got a pair of Unleashed throws coming in. I’m keeping the Fireball because it’s a transaxle yoyo and I need it for this project I have planned.

The rest I can’t comment on. I just see collectors wanting those. There is a guy here who buys lots of this stuff. Hopefully he lands on your thread. He’s got a thing for this older stuff like crazy.

What you do with them is entirely up to you. You can probably make your money back if you sell to a collector. As for me personally, I have no interest in them. It does sound like a nice find. I’m collecting because I intend to throw and use them, so I’d rather get something “off the peg” and not a “vintage” item. Mind you, I’ve got some decent high end throws and some expensive stuff coming it, but they aren’t going to be sitting in their packages.

Best of luck to you. But, before you sell them, might I be able to tempt you into cracking open a Fireball and giving it a few throws? You won’t know what you’re missing until you try!

Thank you very much. Do you happen to know the username of the guy who collects?

No, not offhand. Look for his avatar and he is rather active here. His avatar is this this funky looking return top/yoyo with propellers on it. Red and blue I think. That guy scored a major stash of vintage new in the package throws recently. I swear, the guy lives for that stuff! Hey, fine with me. He seems to be a very friendly individual anyways.

Sorry, that’s the best I can do.

his username is Mr. Yoyo trader.;u=1349