i quit yoyoing because school is starting and i really need a camera to record some vids on for youtube …and if you have one with good quality videos i will trade you all me yoyo;s and string …please pm me with offers money or camera?

b/y pgm - offer

blue and black lyn fury -offer

white and red FHZ offer

blue yomega dash - offer …the only thing is i tried to sand one side down and i didnt feel like finishin and it looks kindof cool but it doesnt …DOESNT …effect play!

pm with offers and trades …i really dont want anymore yoyos…thanks


Yeah, but you’re still gonna go back into it, right?

yah man but i need a camera for videos right now …ill probably get back in somethime in november or december …im just cluttered up and my camera broke so …yah i dont have one…

yyf pocket change for anything? i probally wont get back with ya until tomorrow though.

I quit I don’t really want yoyos anymore



If you want a cheap camera, buy a Flip Mino HD.

Sad, another quiter, whatever. Go quit. You’ve made your decision.

Its his choice to quit. He said he’ll probally get back into it. Hes just booked with school and cant. But i think you should keep 1 throw so whenever you just want to yoyo for a little, you can!

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i think im going to keep my dash because its like my first metal …so yahh ill keep my dash …and thanks dude!! :slight_smile:

This is his BST not a chat room. If you want to talk to him or anyone else please do it in PM.

OP you need prices and pictures in this thread to keep it here.

if you cant read i dont have a camera so i cant put pics

Not to “chat” more, however… peru, “if you can’t read” pictures AND prices are required by the B/S/T rules, if you don’t like them submit a formal complaint, and just because you made the decision to quit doesn’t give you a right to trounce the forum rules and become belligerent to a moderator.