Modded, OneDrop M1, CLYW Bear Vs. Man, YYF Tactic, Hectic, Protoge, Nice Throws

Hey Guys,
Unfortunately, I’m starting to become less interested in yoyoing. It has been a favorite activity of mine for about 5 years, but I just can get into it anymore. :frowning: As a result of this, I’m selling all of my yoyos. As you can see, I’ve got some real crap, but also some beauties. :slight_smile: Trades are not an option for me, but my prices will be lower than anyone or anywhere else’s. Please help me out; currently, I really need the money, and I’m hoping that these can get me my rent this month. :’( CHECK THESE OUT


i’ll have more pictures if you message me about these. please have an open mind.

last few right here. please message me if you are interested. :slight_smile:

bump. the bvm is gone.

bump. bvm is gone