I notice.


bottom right…

there is “Made in china” right?
is it original or not?

Yes, it does show “Made In China”. I just checked mine right now and it had the same thing. It’s probably not original I think.

I think they are made in China, is that what you were asking?

I mean i ask if that Raider EX with “Made in china” in the bottom left is originally made by Yomega or not. :smiley:

Actually, I don’t think so.
The case looks different then regular ones…

Look at the writing on the Raider EX caps. They seem VERY different from the regular ones.
Never mind. They’re really like that. Anyways, I don’t know if it’s original or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Its original.

that is original… for sure…

Yup, you can’t go wrong with a Filipino merchant. Hahah ;D

I meet redman because before I bought a metal zero from him and I dont think made in china means its fake like yoyofactory they outsourced theyre company to china now all of them have made in china on them now maybe yomega also has an outlet or a factory there they are probobly thinking

China=Cheap labor ??? :smiley: :wink: ;D

duncan yoyos are now made in china beacause of the cheap labor and cheap materials…

False. YoYoFactory only has their plastics made in China.

does it matter who made it? ???

my regular raider, (got at yoyoguy,) say’s made in usa in the top left corner.

Well, I’m guessing there are different variations because we’re in the U.S. and the seller and iHateMATT is in the Philippines. Maybe there’s some sort of limitations where the ones made from U.S. will be distributed within North America and the ones from China are to be spread through Asia. Maybe? Just a guess though…

that makes cents. lol.