i need yoyo recommendations!


my two faves so far are the:

g funk

i want yoyos similar to these.i have a yukksta and Remnant 2 coming in the mail too. other yoyos i have myself set on are the smooth move and monkey fist. i like undersized (50mm) , h wing yoyos, 63-66 ish grams. i was just wondering bout other throws i would like in this category.THANKS! :wink:


oh derp i put it in the wrong section. soorrry :frowning:


What about the C3 Token? Got a neat colorway in for Halloween ;D Just ordered mine, it’s 3mm smaller than your undersized requisite and it’s something like 66.5 grams. Not to mention it’s only 28 bucks for a metal yoyo.

P.S. Monkey Fist is amazing :wink: Brother got it for his birthday, looks deceivingly small in the dynamic colorway and plays like a champ.


ehh a bit too small for me. the shape doesnt appeal to me much. weight is good for that small a throw though! thanks for the recommendation, but the token is kinda more like a mini throw, seems like a popstar, which i despize…


I despite the Popstar. I like the Token, a lot. Actually, a lot more than I expected. I do need to yank the bearing, clean it and then Dry Play treat it though. That should give me a lot more spin time per throw. I figured “well, it’s C3, but then again, for $28, I guess I shouldn’t expect much”. It really surprised me.

But if you’re really not into that mini-sized, yeah, no problem. It’s one that can be skipped. I myself like to mix it up and this really adds an interesting option.

The Monkey fist is pretty awesome too.

(UmeNagisa) #6

Wow no one mentions the Di Base?
This thing is amazing
Try it! Plays as good as an e=mc2


The OP wants an undersized H-shape and the DiBase is a V shape. I won’t argue how great it is.


the di base is sick though. bump.

(Owen) #9


A very good YYJ undersized jojo, I like it more than my Dietz. I love my Dietz.

It’s not really H shaped, but it’s still grrrrreat, and very fun.


wow that thing looks awesome! just looked into it. seems like an undersized phenom, and the phenom is like my 2 nd fav full sized! thanks! shape is alright, althoughi would prefer an h wing. but if a fellow dietz lover likes it, i will! :wink:


cmon now thats it?


If you like the Remnant 2, you should also try out some of String Theory’s other undersized stuff. I love my Remnant and Quark. They play great and you can get them for pretty cheap.


Spyy Supra is supposed to be great for its size!


The Deadly SpINS Wrath is a little larger than the DEITZ, but it has a relatively similar shape.

You may also like the Duncan Metropolis. It is similar to the g funk. The g funk is just more square. It is also a little smaller.


i havent tried it yet, but i want one. the deal didnt work out.